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An open letter to International NGOs who are looking to ‘localise’ their operations

This letter is the product of a protracted, heated, angry and passionate discussion that took place on the #ShiftThePower WhatsApp group last week. Several people on the group had been approached separately by International NGOs who wanted to learn about their experiences in local fundraising and building community philanthropy, but in ways that all felt were ‘extractive.’ These interactions point to the growing trend for INGOs to look further afield for resources to fill the funding gap that many are experiencing.

Opinion: INGOs — it’s time for us to go further, faster

Between our broken global economic model, rising inequality, and the erosion of democracy and human rights, we are living in a time of crisis. But there are, in times of crisis, new possibilities for transformation. We are living not only in an era of change but in a change of era. The flawed 20th-century international system is ending — and it has to. But what… Read More »Opinion: INGOs — it’s time for us to go further, faster

Toward a new gospel of wealth

As I begin my third year at the Ford Foundation’s helm, I am reminded of how privileged I am—and we all are—to serve this institution. For my colleagues and me, these past 15 months have entailed both deep introspection about this privilege and broad exploration of how we can harness and direct it to advance our mission. For us, what has unfolded is a process… Read More »Toward a new gospel of wealth