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Collective Leadership as a Path for Sustainable Development

Who are we?

The People First Community is a cross-sectoral and globally diverse group of practitioners, academics, and public and private sector actors with a shared belief in the importance of prioritizing investing in collective leadership development as a path for sustainable development. This Community believes we have not had enough focus on leadership development within the international development field to this point, and that when the international community has focused on it, we have not done so with a goal of developing collective, diverse, locally rooted leadership focused on sustainable development.

The objective of this Community is twofold. First, the Community intends to be a space for learning, thought partnership, and collaboration among its members. Second, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of growing investment in collective leadership development and influence the international development ecosystem. 

Our Purpose, Values & Vision


What We’re Reading

Join our Community

We invite you to join the conversation! Share your ideas, give feedback on our evolving effort, and contribute to our expanded understanding and adoption of a “people first” approach to development.
For more information, please contact [email protected].