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7 Sept 2022 | People First Talk with Mauricio Miller

In this talk, Mauricio shared his thoughts on how to foster agency and leadership from within communities themselves, and the power of peer-driven change to further activate leadership from within.

28 July 2022 | People First Talk: Jacqueline Novogratz

In this talk, Jacqueline will reflect on what she’s learned through building Acumen and share her insights on cultivating moral leadership as a new model of leadership for today’s world.

28 June 2022 | People First Talk: Vishal Talreja

Vishal Talreja reflected on his own journey to build Dream a Dream, and shared what he's learned about empowering young people to overcome adversity and thrive in a fast changing…

12 April 2022 | People First Talk: Fred Swaniker

In this inaugural talk, Fred reflected on his deepest learnings from building the African Leadership Group, how it’s shaped his beliefs about what kind of leaders we need, and what…