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Dylan Edwards. Heather Anderson, Robert Newman, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal. Joy Phumaphi. Margarita María Sáenz

12 May 2022 | Catalyzing Change Week: Investing in leadership and management to catalyze progress against the SDGs

We believe that a better world is possible, a world with universal access to essential healthcare, reduced inequality, more sustainable food supplies, transformed educational systems, and a greater emphasis on the long-term health of our planet. To achieve this, we need visionary and effective teams to guide government institutions and their partners as they navigate constant change, and we need to invest in leadership at the local level. Cultivating leaders and managers requires consistent collective action, prioritisation, and investment. And doing so is our best hope of re-energizing and achieving the SDGs. In this session, senior leaders in education, health, and the environment will discuss a new report by the High-Level Council on Leadership & Management for Development, and present practical examples about how to build the next generation of leaders across sectors.